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Stitches of Love (song)

Threads of Love has been honored to have a song written to share our message and mission. To view the lyric video produced by VRS Media Group, please click here. WARNING: No Threads of Love Video or Audio content are to be duplicated, posted on any social media platform, or used for any commercial purpose without sole permission from the Threads of Love Foundation.

Savannah charities reach out to families of infants in need

From Savannah Morning News (Nov 30, 2012) - The Telfair Birthplace at St. Joseph’s Candler just received its first donation of hand-sewn outfits from the new Savannah chapter of the Threads of Love Foundations. The nonprofit sewing ministry based out of Watson, La., creates burial gowns and preemie clothes, with the help of many volunteers, and donates them to appreciative hospitals and parents enduring extremely difficult situations. Angela Lee is the wife and mother of three who started the Savannah chapter of Threads of Love after reading about it on a blog. “I have sewn for a very long time,” she says. “I don’t knit or crochet, but I knew I could put my hands on some people who did. I thought, you know, why not use my gifts that God gave me to bless someone else.” (Read the full article here.)

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