The ToL Story

Threads of Love and the Wonders of God
By Clinel “Sissy Davis”

I have a special story to tell, how God has allowed me to be a servant for Him, and of how great His faithfulness has been in this ministry, my life and the lives of others. Not only have the babies and their families been blessed, but so have the people who have become involved with the Threads of Love™ ministry. “Lord,” I began to pray. “Give me something to do that will be worthwhile. Let me make a difference. I do not want to just pass through this world. Then the Lord began to answer my prayer in ways I could never have imagined. In the fall of 1993 a pediatrician from Earl K Long Charity Hospital in Baton Rouge contacted my pastor with a request for help.

praying_angelShe saw a need for tiny burial gowns for patients who were born prematurely and were too sick or too tiny to survive. What a ministry this has been to the parents of these babies.

My pastor turned to the women’s group at my church to ask if we could help. Anna Miller, chairperson of the Christian Community Action committee of Presbyterian women, made the appeal for volunteer seamstresses within the church. It all started when I raised my hand at a women’s Bible circle meeting and said I would love to help. When the appeal for seamstresses was made, God was speaking to me. I had the time, sewing skill, and a heart for helping others.

As I look back, I can see how the Lord had prepared my heart for this ministry many years ago; when I was told that I had a new baby brother who was born two months early. The next day I was told I didn’t have a brother. He had died during the night. I still remember the anguish and the emptiness that I felt in the loss of my baby brother. And I remember the emotions that my parents had to face. It was at a time in our society when one was expected to act like such a thing never happened. You didn’t talk about it. It was just swept under the rug as if it would disappear. It didn’t. I had begged to see my new brother, but that was not acceptable at that time in society. As a surviving sibling, somehow I felt it was my fault that my little brother had died. Through this ministry I have begun to heal and have been able to turn something negative into something positive. Only time helps in the healing and the sense of loss never goes away. Soon, several other women at the church joined with Anna and me in our endeavor. The only things they needed to furnish to make the little dresses were thread and love.

Thus our ministry Threads of Love was begun.