Honestly, I had forgotten about Threads of Love until my son just handed me this handmade stuffed heart. Instantly, I was transported back to a time we’d long forgotten. That son, 15 years ago, was a preemie at Henry Medical Center. He was born 2 months early and weighed 2 lbs and 13 oz. He was my first child, so needless to say, we were so confused, concerned, and stressed. When Marcus was a day old, a nurse handed me this stuffed heart and told me to wear it. I was confused but I did what she said. Later that day, she asked for it back to give to the baby. That’s when I learned all about connecting to preemies when you can’t hold them. I couldn’t hold Marcus for a while, but this stuffed heart was a connection between us. It had our scents on it so he could connect to me the way I was already connected to him. Now, as a HUGE 15-year-old, these times are a distant memory, but I will never forget feeling love through that act of kindness. Thank you, Threads of Love, for making a stressful time less stressful. We truly appreciate it!