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About Sissy Davis

I have love to sew most of my life and learned early from my Mother who also loved to sew. As a Mother of 3, grandmother of 6 and great grandmother of 6. I have done a lot of sewing, so what a better way to use my talent than to sew for our Lord. The purpose of Threads of Love is that others will never have to face the emptiness that I felt as, a surviving sibling, having experienced the pain of losing a baby brother. Even today I still remember as a twelve-year-old the anguish and the emptiness that I felt in the loss of that baby brother. I still carry those same feelings in my heart even after all these years. I also remember well the emotions that my parents had to face. It was at a time in our society when you were expected to act like it never happened; you didn't talk about it, and were expected to just sweep it under the rug as if it would disappear. It didn’t disappear. I was not allowed to see him, much less hold or have a picture of him. I have nothing only an empty heart and memory of what could have been. Only time helps in the healing, but the sense of loss never goes away. As mothers we can all remember the excitement of a new life, and the hopes and dreams we have for our child. Never in our wildest imagination did we think that the child we were carrying would be born early or that we would be faced with losing our baby. Most mothers never go to the hospital expecting to need a burial gown. I can't even begin to imagine what a mother must feel when all she is left with is a pocket full of broken dreams for her child. My dreams are that the ladies that join in my efforts with their love of sewing will minister to those families who are faced with those broken dreams.
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